Leah Zitter

Leah Zitter

Ties.Network - LinkedIn of the Ledger

Ties.Network | September 8th, 2017

In 2016, a team of developers, headed by Dmitry Kochin and Alexander Neymark, launched Ties.Network as the decentralized counterpart of LinkedIn.

Ties.Network is a business platform with an integrated public noSql database for finding and establishing professional relationships and for transacting safe deals. Running on Ethereum, the platform uses smart contracts to promote your business and strike deals. In short, Ties.Network ensures consistency, scalability, and protection to help you accomplish your personal, professional, and organizational goals.

How Does Ties.Network Work? You register by setting up a wallet and an account, create a profile and use keywords to contact past and current colleagues, look for a new job, uncover new business opportunities and network with experts within a particular industry. Users can remain anonymous, if they want. Ties.Network uses part of its proceeds to pay its moderators to regulate the site and arbitrate conflicts, if and when they arise.

Transacting Deals Users hire or pay for products and/ or services through smart contracts that automatically execute the terms of a contract. Benefits with this technology include the facts that it is convenient, there is little for you to manage, your contracts and transactions are vetted by the thousands of other users who use Ties.Network, and the system is secure. (The currency used is TIE currency). Since Ties.Network is a peer-to-peer system, all nodes carry a replica of your contracts which not only reinforces credence but also provides you with backup of your original document. Moderators hired by Ties.Network step in to arbitrate disputes, if and when necessary.

PR Ties.Network has an system for promotion where peers on the crypto-community can rate and review your business, organizations, or projects. The rating of a particular member or project is based by reviews from other users who have already had a deal with this or that member and are similar to AliExpress scheme. Each participant receives an initial rating when he, or she joins the network which is adjusted as time goes on and they strike deals. You can also post your portfolio or photos, advertise and review your enterprise.

Privacy/ Security Ties.Network uses a Hyperboria mesh network that uses cjdns, or public-key cryptography, to provide privacy to its nodes and users. Each node receives its own IPv6 address, while network traffic is encrypted end-to-end, to prevent eavesdroppers from operating rogue nodes. Want more? You can use a pseudonym to hide your identity.

Bottom Line Ties.Network is the 21st-century solution to business success. The platform makes finding your next all-star hire “a walk in the park.” On top of that, Ties.Network also gets you feedback from the expert community for you and your company to establish long-term objectives and specific strategies, evaluate and implement current operations, and develop recommendations for the future.

It’s LinkedIn on the blockchain, meant not only for crypto-enthusiasts, but also for ordinary businesses, a system which builds ties between experts in any sphere.