Leah Zitter

Leah Zitter

ModMic 5 (PR)

AntlionAudio.com | March 2nd, 2017

PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 6, 2016, Antlion Audio (www.AntlionAudio.com) introduced its ModMic 5 with superior features that include noise cancelling and studio recording modes, modular cable system, and cable wrap to protect your wires. ModMic 4 was created in 2014 to turn any pair of headphones into a headset for gaming, broadcasting, VoIP, and more. The ModMic was promoted as the first and only microphone that improved audio recording quality while silencing background noise.

ModMic 5 improves on the original with a switch to choose between different recording modes, Antlion mute module that helps tune out noise, and a flexible cable system to pick your right length.

To help broadcasters produce high quality recordings, ModMic 5 provides a switch to alternate between two modes: The noise canceling uni-directional cardioid capsule for loud environments and the sensitive omnidirectional capsule for high quality voice recordings. The cardioid capsule picks out sounds from one particular direction, while the omnidirectional capsule gathers sound from all directions.

ModMic 5 also provides two lengths of microphone cable, 1- and 2-meters long, with a separate mute module.

According to reviewer Jerry Neutron, “The mic quality [of ModMic 5] is definitely a step up from a typical headset. Even in the unidirectional mode it sounds much more full and more nasally than most headsets and in the omnidirectional mode, there really is no comparison.”

The whole comes in a fabric zippered carrying case with a 4-inch split mesh wire cover to tame your tangled cord and a USB-to-mic/headphone adapter or a non-USB version of the same (sold separately).

“With redesigned components and new materials,” says founder Jimmy Console,” there’s never been a stronger ModMic.”

Console should know. He studied mechanical engineering and plays FPS and RTS games as a hobby.

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Antlion Audio is a Portland, OR based tech company committed to innovative solutions in audio customization. Their flagship product, ModMic, has won awards and praise every year since launch in 2012. More information can be found on the Antlion website at www.AntlionAudio.com.

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