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Leah Zitter

Get Paid to Help Venezuela (Advert; One-Pge Whitepaper)

GIVIT | October 10th, 2018

Get Paid to Help Venezuela

Do you want to help Venezuela while growing your money? No other charity asks you to give, while promising you double as much money (and more) from the amount you donate. It seems counterintuitive.

In our case, since we use the blockchain we can make that fantasy come true

GIVIT FOR VENEZUELA is a blockchain initiative, which uses its GIVITTOKEN to provide food and basics to the people of Venezuela.

What do you get?

More money as the GIVIT value grows, from people who donate.


Venezuela is doing worse than most of us know.

First and foremost, Venezuela's currency has lost its value. According to the Venezuelan government, the “official exchange rate” is that $1USD equals 10 Bolivars, but on the black market, $1USD actually gets you 10,389 Bolivars(2). As of August, 2018, $1USD on the black market got you 8 Million Bolivars.(3)

In less than two years, Venezuela's GDP plunged almost 50%. Contrast to America’s Great Depression, when the United States lost 28% of its GDP!(1) More than one million Venezuelans have left the country. Those who remain starve. They have no doctors or drugs.

Hospitals and schools are closed.

As of October, 2018, Venezuela's unemployment level stands at 30%, with no sign of abating. That means more than half of the people in the country have no jobs. Put another way, one out of every four Venezuelans have no way to buy bread or cereal for their children.

Here’s how you can make money while helping Venezuela at the same time

In January, 2019, GIVIT FOR VENEZUELA will launch the Venezuelan initiative by providing 100,000 people who live in Venezuela with smartphones. The phones will be preloaded with a digital wallet and a tutorial to help recipients learn how they can “earn” GIVITTOKEN.

Recipients earn GIVITTOKEN by creating a 30-second video on their smartphones, asking the world for help, after which they upload the clip to GIVIT.com.

We professionally polish that clip and add the words: “Please help us in Venezuela. Go to GIVIT.com and buy GIVITTOKEN.”

Smartphone recipients use GIVIT to share their video on social media, “earning” a GIVITTOKEN with each person who views their content. They also get virtual currency for each “like” and comment that viewers leave.

Viewers who are affected by these videos will buy GIVITTOKEN to help Venezuela. This gives GIVIT an influx of money, pushing the price of GIVITTOKEN upward.

What does this give you?

Say, you donate to GIVIT. You keep the GIVIT token. The token appreciates in value. You hoard the GIVITtoken, so in time your wealth rises along with its value.

In short: You earn money while helping Venezuelans put food on their tables, send their kids to school and get the medical treatment they need!

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