Leah Zitter

Leah Zitter

10th Chicago Nowruz Parade Asks for Support. Fears Executive Orders

10th Chicago Nowruz Parade (PR) | April 6th, 2017

We represent the Chicago Nowruz Parade. Our people are afraid of Trump’s executive orders. Please support our 10th annual celebration by giving us moral support and, if you live in Chicago, by joining our parade or cheering us from the sidelines.

Each year, we celebrate Nowruz in downtown Chicago, three blocks from Trump Tower. Our mission is peace between generations and different communities, as well as friendship among people and love for the environment. Many of our people escaped persecution of a theocracy or dictatorship and chose to live here by choice. We parade to thank our new country for this refuge.

Last year, we had about 16,000 people who were excited about joining us. More than 6,000 people volunteered. This year, only three people donated and we had a 97% drop in interest.

The organizations that are the most scared are Christian refugees from Iran and Muslim students and their families.

One student asked us:

“Is it going to be safe for us even to show up since this order came out?”

The Baha'is are also afraid, since many come from Iran, while others are temporary residents in America and fear the Travel Ban.

One 45-year old mother who had a child born in Chicago told us:

“I left my grandparents’ grave in Iran now I may have to leave my parents’ grave in America, I don’t know where my children will bury me!”

The woman came from Shiraz, where in May 2014, all her family’s graves, among 1,000 other tombstones in the Bahá’í Cemetery, were trashed by the Revolutionary Guard. It was this country - she told us - that gave her a new start.

Nowruz is the time when we clean our houses from the dust of Winter and open our windows to light.

We appeal to fair-minded Americans - people who respect the Constitution - to join us in our parade so that we can celebrate in peace and love. We also ask you to comfort those of us who fear that this is their home, too.

Thank you.

Our Eighth CHICAGO NOWRUZ PARADE & FESTIVAL (CNP-8) is on SATURDAY 25th MARCH 2017 The Parade step off time is at 1300 from the Federal Plaza Adams/Dearborn

Chicago Nowruz Parade shall be on the Last Saturday of March. Contact CNP voice: 312 922 2300 or Email: PARADE4NOWRUZ@GMAIL.COM