Leah Zitter

Leah Zitter

10 Deep Web Engines for Finding Hidden Writing Jobs

Booklocker.com | February 24th, 2016 | [http://writersweekly.com/this-weeks-article/outwit-the-competition-three-obscure-search-engines-that-feature-hidden-writing-jobs-by-leah-zitter]

In a previous article I wrote about Metasearch as being one fantastic engine for finding hidden writing jobs on the web. Metasearch is dead. God bless the departed king. God save the new monarchs. The most meritorious successors, it seems to me, are the following.

Top 3 engines for hidden jobs on social media Socialbearing.com — This engine helps you drill Twitter. It is excellent for tracking real-time conversations.

Twazzup.com — This is a new all-in-one Twitter search engine. Twitter has other search engines that you can use such as OneRiot and Louis Gray, but the helpful thing about Twazzup is that you can type in whatever interests you and Twazzup returns related data that actually may help. (For instance, if you’re looking for a job on writing it can also return on blogging).

Smashfuse.com - Terrific. Smashfuse travels FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Vimeo, Tumblr, and Flickr among others. It is also fast. Minuses: It lacks advanced options. (I add date or country to the keyword or I simply use general keywords. The latter option is probably best).

Top 2 engines for hidden jobs on blogs Blogsearchengine.org — This engine swims through stumbleupon and delicious. Minus: It lacks advanced options.

MeltwaterIceRocket.com — This is one of the most powerful blog search engines. It searches blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and sites on the worldwide web. I use the advanced search options to type in certain words such as ‘ paying submissions’, the date (‘today only’) and tag — which searches for words in the post. Example [tag: writer telecommutes].

Top 2 engines for hidden jobs on forums Boardreader — You’ll want to use the ‘Advanced Search’ to help you make the most of this site. Few engines need as exact keywords as this does. Surprisingly, I found the Imdb option helpful.

Omgili —‘Oh My Gosh I Like It’ really does help you find communities, message boards, and discussion threads on any topic. Type in your keywords (I used ‘looking for freelance _’) and access Discussion Posts or Blog Posts. You may find News Articles helpful.

Top 3 engines for marketing, finding original content - and digging out hidden jobs

Dotmos.com — It helps you dig news in your field that you may less likely see on the common search engines. I use it for real-time conversation and for creating content.

Tiptop insight engine — This engine captures news. If you’re savvy with your keywords, it can help you capture real-time conversations. The engine needs permission from Twitter to grant you access but it digs up from pages that are well beyond Twitter.

Webring - Find people and groups who share your interest. It’s small (because it's relatively new) but its members are more earnest than on FaceBook and you can engage with them at greater length than you can on Twitter. Use this group for networking.